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Black Garlic Molasses


This is a very special product with a great story. 

In Japan, the government has been studying the use of black garlic for seniors.  They are so happy with the results, they have producers breaking down black garlic into a paste and drying it so they can then put it into pill form to supply seniors. 

The importer happened to be in the factory and saw the line creating this black garlic molasses and asked for a taste, not realizing it was destined for drying to become a pill.  He loved the taste so much he had them bottle it and ship it to the US as a condiment.

Black Garlic Molasses is a dark, naturally sweet viscous syrup with the complex flavour of roasted garlic, nuts and dried fruit. You can use it wherever you use balsamic vinegar.  Drizzle it on an appetizer or main course as a final garnish. Use it to finish rich, meaty sauces for rib-eye steaks or roast pork. Add it to marinades for ribs, chicken or pork belly.

Size:  8.45 oz

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