Brooklyn Delhi

Brooklyn Delhi's Curry Ketchup


Most ketchup is sweet and tangy, made from tomatoes, vinegar, sugar and spices. This ketchup is like their tomato achaar but is a little sweeter and a little tangier with just the right amount of heat. A homemade ketchup infused with the umami flavours found in their tomato achaar. Made with roasted garlic and chili peppers, this ketchup adds a punch of flavour and has a quarter of the sugar and half the sodium of regular ketchup!

Try it on grilled cheese, onion rings, hot dogs, fries, burgers, brats and eggs, or just put this one on everything.

Size 14oz

Ingredients: tomato paste, water, brown sugar, distilled vinegar, salt, spices (including turmeric), garlic, sunflower oil, tamarind.

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