Early Harvest, Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2020 - 200ml


It is here, Aurelius' 2020 Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

This product is their pride and joy and what really separates them from the rest.  It has garnered them a reputation amongst foodies and chefs alike.  Produced in the small village mill of Sacrofano, Italy, this oil exemplifies what extra virgin olive oil is supposed to be like. 

All olives are hand picked within 20km of the mill and crushed within 48 hours. This cold extracted oil is perfectly balanced.  It begins with a buttery mouth feel, slight bitterness and grass notes and a pleasant peppery finish.  These are indicative of its higher level of healthy antioxidants. Perfect to use as a marinade or to add character to any salad or dish. This year's harvest has an acidity of 0.35% and they only bring in a very limited amount ( in fact, only 2500L this year).

This is an extra virgin oil you'll be proud to show off.  Once you taste it, you'll understand.

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