Kampot Pepper

Kampot Pepper - White


Not all pepper is created equal. While they are all from the same plant, piper nigrum, real Kampot pepper can only be grown and produced in Kampot Province, and Kep Province, Cambodia.  The climate and quartz in the soil of Kampot Province offer the perfect conditions for growing pepper, giving it a unique flavour, unlike other peppers.

There are 3 main colors of pepper.  Black, white and red.

To produce white Kampot pepper, berries are allowed to fully mature and turns a bright red on the vine. After the berries are handpicked, the white core is extracted and dried naturally in the sun. Kampot White Pepper is very different from common white pepper that is mechanically processed from unripe peppercorns. You’ll taste the difference immediately. Strong and spicy, with traces of fresh herbs and lemons.

White Kampot pepper is great in light-coloured sauces and foods like mashed potatoes, or grind it fresh over fish fillets, salads, and vegetable recipes.

Size 50g

Ingredients: Real Kampot peppercorns.

Read all about Kampot Pepper here.

Find out who produced your wonderful peppercorns!

Why trace your peppercorns? Because for everything cultivated, there is a farmer responsible.

They take great care in providing the ability to trace every bag of pepper right back to the farm, farmer, and batch produced.

This process begins through our initial labelling with a special trace code of each bulk bag of pepper at the farm during the transfer to FARMLINK. When they subsequently proceed to refine, process, and package the product for retail they replicate the trace code bag by bag right through until the final packaging is complete.
The provenance of their products is 100% assured!

To find out which farmer produced your product, refer to the alphanumeric code on the vacuum-sealed bag (normally 6 or 7 digits). Simply enter the code on the ‘FIND MY FARMER’ link below.

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