Soom Tahini


Tahini is a sesame butter made from pressing sesame seeds and is used in hummus, tahini sauce, baba ghanoush and halva. Creamy and silky-smooth, Soom sesame butter is made from 100% roasted and pressed Ethiopian White Humera sesame seeds. The mild nutty flavour makes this nutritious pantry staple perfect for both savoury and sweet recipes.

Soom Tahini is great for more than just hummus (although that’s a pretty great way to use it, too)! It’s a perfect base for dressings, sauces, dips, and spreads and makes your favourite soups and smoothies extra creamy.

If you love your baked goods super moist and rich (and who doesn’t) try adding Soom Tahini! If you don’t use it all right away, Soom Tahini can be stored in a cool, dry pantry for a silky smooth consistency or in the fridge for a more spreadable texture.

Mix your tahini before using it for the best results.

Size: 16oz

Ingredients: 100% roasted and pressed Ethiopian White Humera sesame seeds

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