Truffle Hunter

Truffle Dust


Truffles are a rare fungus that grows among the roots of certain trees.  It is one of the most expensive edible fungi in the world due to its remarkable flavour.  

Black truffles, also called Périgord truffle or French black truffle can be very hard to find here in North America, and its price can make it hard to get that amazing flavour on a regular basis.  

Truffle Dust is a light and powdery seasoning infused with black truffle. A fine-textured powder that provides the distinct flavour of black truffle to any dish. 

Sprinkle your Truffle Dust over any dish to add a dash of luxury to your meals. A little goes a long way. Works especially well on meat, fish or vegetable dishes to create an amazing Umami experience.

Size 2.29oz

Ingredients Salt, Carob, Mushroom extract, Yeast extract, Flavouring, Black Truffle, Natural Flavouring Suitability Suitable for vegans, vegetarians, GMO-free

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