Balsamico Modena 3 Year - 200ml


Made in the heart of Modena, Italy, this balsamic is aged 3 years in wooden casks using traditional techniques. This artisanal small batch vinegar is great for everyday use on raw vegetables, grilled meats and paired with our exclusive olive oils.

You might also be wondering why this balsamic is so much thicker than the ones you see in a grocery store. Well, the answer to that, in addition to aging, lies in how much concentrated grape must it contains.  Generally speaking, the more grape must, the thicker and sweeter the vinegar will be.  Which is why you might find grocery store balsamic to be sharper and runnier than Aurelius balsamic-they contain way more wine vinegar than grape must.
If you are looking for an aged balsamic vinegar with lots of depth and nuance but aren’t serious about purchasing traditional balsamic, we carry the Balsamico Modena, a three year balsamic made with 80% cooked grape must. This balsamic comes from a small artisanal producer in Italy so you won’t find this anywhere in North America but from Aurelius. 

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