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Garlic Expressions Salad Dressing


Why be average at a few things when you can be an expert in one? Meet Garlic Expressions.  Since 1993, LarMar foods produces just one product, this zesty vinaigrette dressing fused with pickled garlic cloves. The blend of a small-batch production process and premium ingredients results in the taste and aromatic standard for this two-in-one dressing.

They acquire the highest quality garlic from the prime growing region of California. Each garlic clove is sized and qualified by hand to meet their quality threshold. This process enables them to develop a subtle, yet full-flavoured garlic taste that doesn’t overwhelm the other ingredients. Nearly all other products use dried or dehydrated garlic that zaps the full garlic flavour, they’ve chosen the difficult method of only using fresh garlic.

Dressing, marinade, condiment, sauce, or your secret weapon in the kitchen – the flavour’s versatility adds a flavorful punch to your favourite dish. Perfect for salads, meats, vegetables, starches, garlic bread dip, fresh pasta sauce, garlic sauce, and even pizza – the zesty flavour amplifies your favourite dish. 

Garlic Expressions’ bold flavour doesn’t mean you need to compromise on your dietary restrictions.  Made in a dedicated facility that does not handle any of the top 8 allergens: wheat, fish, milk, peanuts, soy, tree nuts, shellfish, or eggs.  Additionally, the ingredients are Non-GMO Project Verified, Gluten-Free Certified, Vegan, and Allergen Free, and Kosher.

Size: 12.5oz

Read all about the history of this great dressing here!

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