Kamagari Moshio Monogatari Seaweed Salt


Moshio (mo- meaning seaweed, -shio meaning salt), is a traditional salt made from hondawara seaweed from the Kamagari region in Hiroshima prefecture.

Moshio is made from a very concentrated broth of sea water and brown seaweed, rich in umami and nutrients, which is then heated to collect the salt by evaporation. This process, lost around the 7th century, was rediscovered in the 1980s. An ancestral process that gives moshio its beige color and its delicious umami flavor. A must for chefs and gourmets!

Kamagari Bussan, the company that produces this salt today, renews the lost art of moshio-yaki on the island of Kami-kamagari, in the very place where this technique was practiced in the past.


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