Logan Petit Lot

Maple Sea Salt Peanut Butter


Considered as a staple food for a vast majority of North Americans, peanut butter is a must in our kitchen.

We enjoy it on a crusty slice of bread (with or without jam), on top of our oatmeal and also love using it as a base for Asian-inspired sauces.

The debate as to what makes the best peanut butter will never reach a real consensus (some like it creamy others prefer it crunchy). This twist on this ingrained classic consists of roasted Brazilian peanuts, a dash of maple sugar and a hint of sea salt.

Logan Petit Lot's nut butters are made in small batches to maximize their freshness. The nuts are roasted in their facility at a very low heat to preserve their delicious earthy taste and then immediately transformed into nut butters to capture the full potential of their aromas.

Size 250g

Ingredients: roasted peanuts, organic maple sugar, sea salt.

Stir before use. No need to refrigerate.

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