Usukuchi - Light Soy Sauce


Japanese light soy sauce (called Usukuchi) is thinner, lighter and saltier than regular soy sauce.

This amber colour soy sauce with gold and brass reflections has been aged for 6 months in Japanese cedar barrels and is characterized by aromas of mushrooms, nori and light caramel. On the palate, the attack is very salty and tangy. It has a long thick and sweet finish marked with a macadamia aroma.

It is an excellent substitute for salt in your recipes, its light colour doesn't affect the colour of your dishes. It goes well with Western cuisine because its taste and aromas are not at all reminiscent of the commercial soy sauce that is associated with Asian cuisine. Use it in your omelets, your risottos, your sauces and your broths.

Size 150ml

Soy: Wheat Ratio

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