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Zaran Persian Saffron (Super Negin Grade)


Saffron is the world's most expensive spice.  Known as the "Golden Spice," crocus flowers are grown in just the right climate and conditions, and each flower's thread is harvested by hand.  You need 150,000 flowers to make just 1 kg of saffron, and it must be picked during a short window by hand.  

Not all saffron is created equal.  Super Negin Grade Threads are the most expensive and rare trim of saffron.

Zaran Saffron, a family-owned and operated company,  partnered with farmers in Afghanistan that produce Saffron unlike anywhere else in the world. The elusive blend of soil, topography and growing techniques handed from generation to generation produces only the finest grade of saffron.

Zaran Saffron rigorously tests saffron according to ISO 3632 standards resulting in saffron with high levels of Safranal (aroma), Picocrocin (flavour), and Crocin (colour.)

Available in 2 and 5 gram sizes.

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