Kampot Pepper

Great pepper begins with whole peppercorns, ground fresh in a grinder.  Pregound pepper loses most of its flavor very quickly, so try to grind it right before you need it.

However, if your peppercorns aren't very good quality, or they're very old, even the best grinder won't do much.  There are many types of pepper grown around the world, and Kampot pepper has long been considered the best peppercorns you can buy.

A gourmet pepper sought after by chefs around the world, this pepper comes from the region of Kampot on the south coast of the Kingdom of Cambodia. Nestled between the mountains and the ocean, the region boasts a unique soil, and a rainy, humid climate perfectly suited for producing outstanding pepper.

Produced from two varieties of plants, it is extremely versatile in its flavour, ranging from mildly sweet to intensely spicy, with an unmistakable aroma that’s sure to arouse and delight the senses.

Grown in Cambodia since at least the 1300s, pepper production was almost decimating by the Khmer Rouge, who forced farmers to grow food instead. In the 2000s, farmers began growing pepper again. The painstaking methods these farmers employ has passed from generation to generation, ensuring that you get the highest quality pepper possible.

Each ripe pepper berry is first handpicked, and only the very best of those berries is selected. They are sundried, cleaned and then go through a rigorous sorting and grading process – again, all done by hand to ensure the highest standards are maintained. From there, they are carefully stored to preserve the pepper’s unique aroma and flavours.

It’s that unique flavour that sets Kampot Peppers apart. Together with the slightly fruity aroma, they offer a relatively sweet, pungent taste that mingles in your mouth and excites your taste buds.

Kampot peppers stand out by their unique flavour. They develop a relatively sweet pungent taste, fruity aromas and an exceptional flavour.

There are 3 main colors of pepper.

Black Pepper

When the pepper berry starts to mature, the dark green berry becomes slightly yellow. The berries are handpicked and dried naturally in the sun, where the outer husk of the berry turns hard a black.

Initially bold and powerfully peppery, you’ll notice hints of flower, eucalyptus, and mint. 

Simply grind it fresh on salads and pastas, or over red meat or seafood dishes or anywhere you use regular black pepper.

White Pepper

A fully mature pepper berry turns a bright red on the vine. After the berries are handpicked, the white core is extracted and dried naturally in the sun. Kampot White Pepper is very different from common white pepper that is mechanically processed from unripe peppercorns.

You can taste the difference immediately, it is strong and spicy, with traces of fresh herbs and lemons. 

White pepper is best used in places where you don't want flecks of black, like light sea food sauces, or grind it fresh over fish fillets, salads, and vegetable recipes.

Red Pepper

As with white pepper, red pepper uses the mature red pepper berry. The berries are handpicked and dried naturally in the sun, where the outer husk turns a dark red. 

Red pepper has an entrancing combination of spicy black pepper flavor and sugary sweetness, with a powerful and fruity aroma.

Grind fresh red pepper on almost any dish, from salads and pastas, to red meat and poultry, and even on desserts.

Try some Kampot Pepper today!

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