Logan Petit Lot

Vanessa and Remi are Logan Petit Lot’s two founders. The initial spark to create the company came to them during a two-year stay in Chicago, while living in the Logan Square neigbourhood. The area exposed them to a broad range of tasty, nut-based products, which lead them to discover the great versatility nuts had to offer. That gave them the yearning to develop recipes of their own and create nut butters that would be as delicious as they are nutritious!

In their opinion, honest ingredients are those that provide better traceability, a guarantee that producers are fairly compensated for their work and an assurance that production processes are environmentally sound. While sourcing is not without its share of challenges, they like to think of each new ingredient used in their products as an opportunity to reassess their current supply. They are proud to partner with responsible producers who share their holistic vision of food.